Sample Personal Statement for University Admission

As I grew up, I endured the responsibility of taking care of my younger siblings. This was especially so during my high school days as a compensation to what my seriously sick mother could not do. At my age, many children loved playing games and watching movies. I was no exception. However, in addition to those childhood fancies, I developed a hobby of reading books. My reads were especially books with themes on early childhood development. At that time, my young brother turned three and I started looking for a good school to enroll him. Unfortunately, the absence of interest in early childhood in my country forced me to take such a long time before identifying a suitable school for him. This heightened my interest in early childhood development matters. In addition, most of my relatives are educators and the fact that I grew up in such an environment motivated my interest even further. However, unlike my relatives who are basic educators, I am more interested in the curriculum development, pertaining to early childhood education, since I intend to play a significant role in upgrading my county’s education system.

In the light of the above, I chose the University of Wisconsin – Madison in respect to the fact that, every year it continually ranks first in the department of Curriculum and Instruction. Thus, taking this program in this university will be of great value in helping me achieve my objectives. This degree will empower and enhance my teaching skills as well as serve as a firm foundation for my PhD in early childhood education, which will in turn earn me a position as faculty member of my college in King Faisal University, where I presently work as a teaching assistant. My ultimate aspiration is to become a professor, to enable me efficiently and effectively disseminate my knowledge and passion to my students. My efforts, coupled with the contribution from my father, a businessperson who relates with very important people, will address my financial requirements.

I understand the extent of efforts and commitment required by this demanding profession. However, I believe that my background has instilled in me all the essential qualities necessary to meet such rigor. For instance, my four years in university education gave me a strong foundation in my major, something that will always have positive effects on all my future studies. I had exemplary performance in all courses in my undergraduate studies, clearing my undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.98 and emerging the best student in my group.

After graduating from the Pre-School Department, I accepted an offer to be a teaching assistant in the same department. This involved assisting professors in teaching introductory-level undergraduate classes. In addition, during the last summer break before graduation, I evaluated students who were on teaching practice in pre-schools and kindergartens. I believe that in my role as teaching assistant, I have accomplished quite more. To mention but a few, the faculty members in my college have so far given me many assignments whose execution deadlines have enabled me in achieving good skills in systematic planning and timely completion of work activities. Additionally, I have had the privilege of advising students on the suitability of subject choices during their first year.

The Pre-School Department at King Faisal University has appointed me as teaching assistant. In respect to this, I intend to obtain authority, which will make me a good lecturer and eventually a commendable professor. Enrolling in the Curriculum and Instruction program in the University of Wisconsin – Madison, will help me realize my dominant aspiration, which is to establish an education system that will bring tremendous benefits not only to my students and university, but also to the entire society as a whole. I appreciate the presence of such an opportunity as availed by your program.

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