The Role of Technological Advancements in the Society

Technological Advancements play an essential part in the development of the society. Various aspects that shape the community such as art, law, ideologies, politics and much more, have achieved a lot as a result of technological influence. Ideally, technological advancement means advancement in almost every aspect that defines the society at large. The reason for the above finds its basis in the fact that almost every aspect in the backbone of the society is in a constant state of seeing utopia. By utopia, it means that every aspect seeks to achieve a state of immense perfection.

In the pursuit of utopia, every aspect of the society seeks to apply the best resources and techniques possible. In some instances, new and improved methods are required. In other instances, the same old material resources are required, but new methods and techniques are necessary. Essentially, the search for utopia is all about maximizing utility. In light of the above, technology stands out as the best shot towards achieving this. The basis of the technology is pure science. Science seeks to make work easier. By extension, therefore, technology makes things easier too. The integration of technology in various aspects helps to hasten their development towards utopia. For instance, according to Mertins, the future of iron in the construction industry would require concrete reinforcement. The only way the above came to happen was. As a result application of technologically advanced construction techniques – depicting the close relationship of both aspects.

Mertins also highlights the fact that technological advancement impacts directly upon poverty. By making reference to the technological advancements in the early 20th century, he notes that at first, technological advancement may increase poverty. However, the above is only in the short-term and features as the price paid towards the alienation of poverty resulting from the long-term effects of technological advancement.

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