The Plight of Communication Development to Young Children Faced With Disabilities like Helen Keller

The development of language as a communication tool is vital for every human being. Although it occurs naturally in all human beings, there are certain occurrences that may surface in the life of an individual and limit their ability and efficiency to language development. The theme of the essay under discussion is highlighting the plight of language development to young children faced with disabilities that threaten to steal their ability to speak or understand language.

The disability of Helen Keller was a little overboard. It is agreeable that a combination of blindness and deafness is quite an obstacle to speaking or using any other kind form of communication. In addition, the above condition came upon Ms. Keller at a very tender age. At eighteen months, healthy children are just at the phase where they start make meaningful short words to alongside their gibberish sentences. In light of the above, it is understandable why Ms. Keller was in such pathetic state at age seven with respect to speech and general communication obstacles. Apparently, managing to overcome such a challenge without special help is hard.

On the other hand, there is an aspect of the essay where the author omits some important information. After the fateful experience of ending up both deaf and blind at the age of 18 months, the article does not include a recollection of what happened in the life of Ms. Keller between that time and the first time she met Ms. Sullivan. In my opinion, it would have been better to provide such information especially since it is useful in determining and understanding the rate at which Ms. Keller undertook her first lessons with Ms. Sullivan.

According to the author of the essay, there are various aspects of one’s life that are bound to be severely affected by the absence of the right communication abilities. However, the absence of such does not mean that there is no possibility of overcoming such challenges. Ms. Keller, despite being blind and deaf at a tender age of 18 months still managed to learn how to communicate effectively.

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