Parent Involvement in Homework

The article lays emphasis on the essence of involving parents in the education (homework) of their children. The meta-analysis performed on 14 studies revealed the participation of both parents translated into higher rates of completing homework, fewer challenges in the completion process, and improved performance for children attending elementary schools. However, the meta-analysis performed on twenty-two samples revealed a positive correlation attributing improved performance amongst children attending elementary and high school to the parental involvement. Contrariwise, a negative association, arose in the middle school going children. This analysis reveals its great relevance to the topic in that it distinguished stronger association in mathematics. It implies that various types of parental involvement generate differed relationships translated into achievement, upon which both changes as the child progresses through the grades.


  • Patall, E. A., Cooper, H., & Robinson, J. (2008, December). Parent Involvement in Homework: A Research Synthesis. Review of Educational Research, 78(4), 1039-1101.
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