Living in Waikato (New Zealand)

Identifying the best place to live, relax and raise a family or launch a career, necessitates finding the ideal neighborhood that strikes the balance between cost of living, safety and convenience. With the life among the urban areas shedding signals of declining comfort across the world, emphasis on safety, infrastructure, healthcare and educational facilities yields a comparative index appropriately to locate an appropriate destination. Reflecting on this criterion and articulating it with a shared experience, the region of Waikato in New Zealand offers a suitable destination where I will experience beyond the mysterious rumor of friendliness upon celebrating my twenty-fifth birthday.

Occupying the fertile land of the Central North Island, Waikato articulates a peaceful environment for an individual ready to relocate abroad at the stages of shaping their foundation. Initially, the region experiences a reasonable cost of living, far better than the Auckland city. What is more interesting is its contribution to the country’s growth with a high index of human development, literacy, quality of life and economic prosperity. The lower rates of securing rentals apartment or homes rank practically lower, when compared with buying homes in the United States and the United Kingdom alike. Factually, the property market analysts often restate that increasing prices in the home markets are tapered off owing to the government active support for the immigration.It sets the ground to find a decent home characterized by a serene and hassle-free neighborhood while accessing all benefits aligned by the city, at my perfect budget.

The presence of decent education facilities poised as a major prospect of developing New Zealand, shares in this area. Initially, the subsidized education in the public schools and the allocation of financial benefits to families, including allowances and educational-support materials, equals the enlightenment culture among the developed countries in the West. Specifically, Waikato is home to multiple colleges with most laying scholarship grants to attract the best minds. In particular, the University of Waikato whose main campus sits at Hamilton, boasts accreditation from leading international bodies, including the Public Relations Society of America, AACSB an AMBA. Given the institution offers equal education opportunities, relocating to this region will satisfy my quest for furthering my education with utmost convenience.

Waikato demonstrates an agricultural region, self-sufficient to guarantee affordable farm products, sold locally. The immediate locality of farmers located in the northern region; translate to the freshness characterizing the marketed products. In addition, milk and beef form the staples met from the abundant production of the famous dairy sector of the country. It enables the retailers sustain their prices at relatively reasonable levels throughout the year with a higher retention of quality and freshness. I remain attracted to the quality of food that one can access at reasonably low prices, compared to other countries where a similar basket mandates me to make a pricier sacrifice. Besides, the residents have access to clean water with bottled products presenting an alternative from the local settings. For example, Waikato shares to the reputation of other regions in New Zealand as home to the world’s freshest vegetables, fruits and bounties. Natural products like grapes, apples, oranges and lettuce constitute the nutritious ingredients required in a balanced diet for healthier living. These are readily available from community vendors and leading supermarket chains such a New World, Foodstuffs and Progressive locked in fierce wars for the benefit of consumers preferring natural organic products. In the light of this, I will not be required to alter the ingredients in my meals that I have become fond while living there.

Relocating to an abroad residence can at times constitute a scary adventure. More terrifying is moving to a new country, without prior knowledge of a single individual to share the experience and learn from them. Nevertheless, Waikato offers a share of the super friendly neighborhood of the Kiwi people. At present, the New Zealand government requires foreigners to offer a helping injection to several fields comprising management, computer technology, and healthcare. It provides an explanation why despite the immigrant influx witnessed in the country; the indigenous people have a call to fulfill by guaranteeing the safety and hospitable treatment towards the foreigners. Furthermore, working in Waikato welcomes me home to financial rewarding careers, given that the country offers high salaries to employees. It will enable me afford a high quality living, and meeting their pricey commodities from a reasonable portion of my remuneration. The employment rate marks a high level of 96%, yielding increased prospects of beginning a hassle-free life overseas. It creates much welcome shared across the country, which will provide me a safe stay at Waikato.

The presence of the free market and multilateral trade agreements with leading economic giants such as Australia, Japan, U.S and U.K, sets a lower service and import costs. Initially, the textile sector in the region surfaces beyond the consumer demand of clothing. It arises from the wool harvested in abundance from the sheep grazing in the countryside. Equally, the presence of local designers who have set in place seasonal fashion guarantees the perfect footwear and genuine clothing, at a saving compared to the cost of generic products availed in overseas departmental stores. Although availed at slightly higher prices, the bilateral agreements with countries posing huge manufacturing plants such as Japan and the U.S, ensures leading brand names are available at the local settings. It is the availability of quality accessories will ensure that I lead a life enjoying the usual blend of my home country coupled with a speck of the wonderful and friendly neighborhood of Waikato.

The friendly persona characterizing the Waikato region attracts me to live within the New Zealand territory. Although the region lags in the overall development compared to other Western countries, Waikato offers a deserving aura that will allow me enjoy a steady life characterized by maximum convenience of services. As earlier mentioned in this text, the region registers high scores in quality and healthier life, economic prosperity and human development. In particular, the huge presence of the agricultural sector commanding self-sufficient food supplies from neighboring farmlands, signals the uninterrupted advancement in healthier living. Besides, the active participation of the government to streamline the service sectors generates a much welcome warmed with numerous opportunities to grow in the human development and economic prosperity. Provision of subsidized education through study allowances for both the locals and immigrants, reveals the utmost satisfaction that I would seek in none another place except Waikato. Relocating to here, upon attaining twenty-five years would enable me accomplish the dream I articulated during my childhood, of leading a healthier and affordable living within the friendly neighborhood in an abroad destination.

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