Issues on Hispanic and Asian Americans

Asian Americans Health Status

According to statistics in 2011, the population of all Asians in America was estimated to be around 18.2 million. The Asian community is relatively evenly distributed across the entire country with the highest concentrations being in California and New York (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013).

According to statistics, the Asian Americans, or generally the Pacific Islanders, have a history of health issues commonly affecting them. According to 2010’s statistics, the causes of deaths in this community in order of dominance include cancer, heart disease, stroke, unintentional injuries, pneumonia, chronic lower respiratory diseases, kidney complications, Alzheimer’s disease and suicide (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). Every ethnic group has specific health concerns. In this respect, the health concerns above health issues for the Asian Americans are different from those of other ethnic groups in America due to differences in genetics, culture, environmental factors and access to care. For instance, while other people indicate type-two diabetes by gaining weight, the Asian Americans do not bear such a trait.

Hispanic Drug Cartels

According to the Department of Public Safety, the Mexican drug cartels are the most organized crime threats of their kind. Generally, they move drugs, cash, weapons, people and stolen goods across the border to America. The impact of this cartel crime mostly results to death and brutal torture. Over the years, there are American cities that have surfaced as hubs for the cartel agents. However, the Mexican lords are engaged in sending more trusted agents to other cities to widen their distribution and influence markets (Associated Press, 2013). With such increase of activities by Central American and Mexican gangs, there should be a strategy to reduce the proliferation of drugs in America. Both Mexico and America should incorporate a joint border military force to combat the gang smuggling activities. More so, since the gangs uses firearms; the American state should cease trafficking firearms to Mexico because this is what strengthens the drug-related violence of the Mexican and Central American gangs.


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