Parental Involvement in Children’s Education with a Focus on the Position of Illiterate Parents

The article captures the results of the review study conducted with a special focus to examine the specific position occupied by illiterate parents in the involvement with the education matters of their children. The project illustrates a broader project involving the collaboration of Amsterdam Univesity and the Windesheim University of Applied science alongside the Almere governing board for public schools. The study is meant to offer guidance in the enhancement of the parental involvement programs and the reorganization of the education structure to accommodate family interventions. Remarkably, the results reveal the challenging position of illiterate parents as they struggle in the existing parental involvement programs that often assume their position. This article presents insight into the need to identify and implement good practice-relation between the child’s school achievement and the parental involvement forum. Additionally, it yields good practices of developing competencies for parental involvement beyond the primary school.


  • Menheere, A., & Hooge, E. H. (2010). Parental Involvement in Children’s Education: A Review Study about the Effect of Parental Involvement on Children’s School Education with a Focus on the Position of Illiterate Parents. Journal of the European Teacher Education Network, 6, 144-156.
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