The Role Information System and Technology (IS/IT) Departments: A Case Study of Etisalat

The Abu Dhabi head-quartered telecommunication operator founded in 1976 grown to emerge as the leading operator in the Middle East and Africa regions. Etisalat has operations in over eighteen countries across the Asia, Middle East and Africa block. The large coverage area enables the corporation to serve over a billion people. Its market leadership manifests in its large customer base comprising individuals, businesses, ISPs, content providers, international telecommunication organizations, and mobile operators (Etisalat, 2012). The UAE based corporation has the highest credit ratings among the telecommunication category in America and the MEA region.

Company Description

Emirates Telecommunications Corporation engaged with subsidiaries, offers telecommunication services, media content and solutions, consultancy services, consortia and equipments. Its operations are supported by its business divisions, including eCompany, Etibakar, Emirates Internet Exchange, Etislat Academy, Emirates Data Clearing House, Contact Center, UAE Network Information Center and Etislat University College (Etisalat, 2012). Over the years, the entity has seen its core products and services broaden to comprise voice, wireless, and data communication, alongside e-vision and e-marine provided jointly. In addition, Etisalat have increased the stakes in Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company, Zanzibar Telecom Limited and Etihad Etisalat Company (Mobily) (Etisalat, 2012).

The emergence of Etislat as an innovative pacesetter manifest in powering UAE as a leading nation in availing new technologies. This arises through the corporation strategic support for the government initiatives. Additionally, Etisalat launched a regional growth strategy as it strives to become the leading telecom operator in the world. Investing in Thuraya TelecommunicationsCompany facilitates its connectivity coverage across the planet given its reputable mobile satellite services (Etisalat, 2012). This enables the corporation to provide hi-techcomplimentary services in the telecommunication industry such as managerial, technical training, voice and data transit, land cable and submarine services,alongside manufacturing SIM cards.

Today, it its global subscriber exceeds 140 million through voice and data services for the mobile and land-line segments. It has an estimated value of $20 billion and annual revenues approximated at $8billion. Moreover, it has committed to pioneer launching the initial commercial of the 4G services through its nationwide LTE channel (Etisalat, 2012). This will assist the corporation in deliveringa compelling broadband experience to its expanding clientele.

The corporation headed by Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar witnessed a rapid expansion cycle rocketing at 3475 per cent exhibited by decade rise of its subscribers from 4 million in 2004 to 141 million by last year. In its nearly forty years of operations, it has transformed UAE into the leading business hub and a destination for foreign investment. This traces from its technological expertise that helps in capturing significant market segments. Finally, pioneering advanced green technologies, translating to the provision of environmentally-friendly information solutions and communication services (Etisalat, 2012).

Role of IS/IT department in Etisalat

The information system department entails an in-house platform mandated to manage the diverse infrastructure and the day-to-day upkeep of the company. It seeks to fast-track the attainment of Etisalat regional growth strategy through an integrated and state-of-the-art infrastructure to sustain Etisalat services across the region. Secondly, it links other business divisions in developing new enterprise models where Etisalt benefits from an integrated network (Etisalat, 2012). This enables the Etisalat to utilize in-house competencies to further its regional operations in the dynamic worlds despite facing a constantly evolving telecommunication industry.

The information system department facilitates an analytical environment by identifying potential users, their consumption challenges and translating their requirements into technology solutions.For this reason,the IS department offers critical connection within its various divisions. This yields an improved reference frame to enable designing and implementing reputable solutions confined within its technology infrastructure. In addition, the information system department hosted by the Etisalat Services performs support functions in expanding the entire organization into new opportunities besides the telephony business (Etisalat, 2012). Equally, it permits the organization of individual business units to operate independently, but retain the unwavering commitment to offer innovative services that yield economic prosperity.

The Role of IS/IT as a Functional Support

Etisalat information system department shares in the vision of the corporation through its support for attaining the regional competitiveness of its products. Here, it addresses the prevailing market trends through its collaboration field where the talented teams focus on delivering the next-generation of products and services through its world-class networks.Besides, it supports the execution of the strategic pillars of the entire company, namely enriching the customer experience, nurturing advanced technologies, governing decisions, accomplishing broadband leadership and growing a sustainable portfolio of services (Etisalat, 2012). This translates into sustainable cross-functional support blend with tactical objectives shared across the organization. For instance, it makes the mobile commerce ecosystem interoperable through open loops that leaves it suitable for emerging markets. Lastly, the department functions to maximize revenues in the existing business operations by capturing the growth potential that the group is yet to leverage through its core competencies (Etisalat, 2012).

The Role of IS/IT as Decision Making Support

The IS shares in the success of Etisalat initiatives by aligning all decisions to the acceptable operational metrics regarding quality of services, user experience and market positioning. This arises through the program that captures a wholesale synergy and support for streamlining the decision making process to address the dynamic nature of Etisalat markets (Etisalat, 2012). It brings together functional departments and other related activities under a single umbrella to accomplish streamlined process.


The emergence of Etisalat as a leading telecommunication operator traces from the strong focus of proactively serving customers with improved efficiency and effectiveness. The advanced infrastructure manifested in its information system department enables Etisalat capture improved market share throughout its footprint. The existence of functional and decision support platform from the IS department, yields a cross-functional feature that maximizes revenue from existing Etisalat activities while capturing growth potential unleveraged by the corporation.


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