The Importance of Vocabulary: the Case of Malcolm X

It is an accepted fact that speaking and writing are the primary aspects of communication. The extent of command in somebody’s communication is measured by how much words the person has. That is what is referred to as vocabulary. The theme of the essay under discussion here seeks to illustrate the importance of vocabulary and what triggers the quench of vocabulary in somebody.

According to the essay, the necessity for vocabulary comes up as a result of various life teachings. As stipulated in the case of Malcolm X, it is upon facing a challenging situation that requires expression does an individual realize the need a huge word database. In my opinion, without the proper words in your mind, it is very hard to express your thoughts to another person especially if you seek to cover more than one area. In the case of Malcolm X, his want to address personalities such as the Mayor and the Governor pushed him to expand his vocabulary for the purpose of relaying sensible information.

Another aspect addressed in the essay is about optimal age for learning how to read and write. It is true that even the most articulate speakers in the streets may require some help to read letters or reply to them. Malcolm X himself explains his life was as such. He reveals his envy for Bimbi due to his vocabulary richness that made him feel little since he could not read or write like him. However, Malcolm ends up writing an entire dictionary on the walls of his prison cell. Although writing by way of copying is understandable, the essay fails to explain how he came to master the real meanings and application of the words he wrote. There is no mention of a tutor in the prison.

Ideally, the essay perfectly illustrates the importance of a rich vocabulary for the purpose of perfect and efficient communication. Additionally, according to the illustration of the case of Malcolm X, the essay shows that age is not a factor affecting one’s ability towards building a vocabulary database.

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