How GPA Enhances Career Development

Grading, with respect to GPA, is a procedure of applying standardized measurement, when dealing with different levels of comprehension within a specified field. The calculation of GPA is important in the sense that it provides a proof that the person possesses the ability to do a great job, while at the same time providing an individual with more opportunities for career advancement.

Some majors like medicine, engineering, or allied health colleges required a high GPA to enter their program. This is because these majors required a lot of hard work. Individuals entering these disciplines should therefore be able to withstand challenges and difficulties, while at the same time be highly ambitious, and be willing to do more than the normal. Entering such fields by acquiring the required GPA is really a challenge, and students are required to compete among themselves in order to qualify. This is the reason as to why colleges have limited chances in these disciplines .Grading as a matter of fact helps to determine someone’s eligibility to attend a certain college.

There exist numerous benefits for attaining GPA certification. People with high GPA not only have more options to choose the desired major but can also get scholarships easily. This gives them the motivation to push themselves an extra mile. Furthermore, internships play an important role, when added in the resume. With high GPA, the chances to get internships would be greater. It is crucial to get such a qualification because it shows that a person has the ability to work consistently and persistently to achieve excellent results.

Grading is also considered as the first step in starting a career. People with higher GPA have more opportunities than those who don’t. For instance, students who would like to work during their study or even after they finish are more likely to get a job if they have a high GPA. People with high GPA tend to be more successful because they are willing to work harder. When it comes to finding a job, the employers consider them because of their hard work.

Grading is not only for students but also for colleges and universities. It lets the students to be more discipline. This makes them more qualified and has better skills. The success they get will give the school they have attended more reputation and will have better ranking when compared to other universities. Moreover, students from all over the world would be more likely to attend such high performing schools. With GPA, it is not just about students competing among themselves in skills and qualities, but also includes schools. Grading therefore enhances competition among schools.

However, despite the successes that have been associated with GPA, there have been a number of criticisms that have been advanced to these criteria. Some people have described it as irrelevant. They suggest that grading has the potential of destroying student’s dreams, instead of building them. Furthermore, it has been advanced that anyone can become ambitious and able to get his or her achievements without the use of grading. In fact, there are those who believe that GPA does not really exist. Moreover, some individuals think that GPA does not accurately represent the abilities of the students (Welnick) .For instance, it has been suggested that the weighted grading that is normally used is very confusing to many individuals, especially when figuring out the overall grade point average. This is based on the non-weighted grade point system, which is normally based on four points. The dropping of plus and minus from each grade has been criticized in the sense that it lives a whole grade to award points (Blakesley). Furthermore, the fact that the GPA has been portrayed as being important, it has been worshiped to a level that parents normally force their children to take classes that are far below their intellectual capacity.

Nevertheless, the truth of the matter is that grading exists in reality. Big companies like Apple wants no lower than a 2.7 cumulative GPA for students who want to apply for a job in the company(Apple – Jobs at Apple (us)). Considering a company like Google, the tradition is the same, because recruits have to include the GPA in the resume when applying(Hiring Process: what to expect – Google Students).

The advantages of grading far outweigh its disadvantages. Overcoming the challenges associated with GPA opens students to the benefits, when they start to enjoy huge perks associated with blue chip companies like apples and Google. Since everyone has a dream, he or she is expected to work hard to make it happen. Grading in essence is designed to help students reach their goals. Future success highly correlate with high GPA, and this suggests that grading might not be important when it comes to hiring in the future because it will be assumed that everyone has it. Therefore no one will consider it or ask about it. But the fact remains that GPA leads to a better future. GPA plays an additional role of bringing out an aspect of pride because it makes a person feel that he has achieved a great milestone in his or her life.

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