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Hey Jess, you have to check out what I learned about “What is the most important social net and social change event that has happened since the Arab Spring?” – Twitter Bootstrap. Twitter Bootstrap refers to an exceptionally excellent set of strategically crafted layouts, JavaScript tools, as well as interface elements that are free and easily accessible to any website designer. Twitter Bootstrap was released into the world by Mark Otto and Jacob Thorton in August 2011with the aim of facilitating and empowering efficient and effective projects for front-end website developers. Bootstrap incorporates style sheets whose implementation is easy due to the presence of a 960 grid layout specifically customized to cater for navigation, typography, forms, tables, buttons, forms and other key elements of a website. Additionally, Twitter Bootstrap incorporates superior sets of jQuery plug-ins that give room for the development of professional tabs, tooltips, drop-down menus, modal boxes, alert messages, and other frequently applied web site accessories.

From the above, you can be sure that Bootstrap is very important for web site creation and development. To start with, it helps a lot in saving time. The Twitter Bootstrap libraries have numerous pieces of code ready for implementation in any website. More so, Twitter Bootstrap gives room for customizing, that is, it is possible to use only the important parts and discard the unwanted parts. Bootstrap factors in a lot in terms of design. The layout grids facilitate for auto-mode styling. In light of this, a website developer easily observes the aspect of consistency. As a result of working with a central development code, the results of Twitter Bootstrap application are fostering uniformity across various platforms, that is, the same thing appears on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and any other browser. The use of Twitter Bootstrap is a very efficient and effective way of making top-notch websites with the least efforts possible.


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