Effects of Communication and Media: A Personal Journal

The modern technology provides a vibrant aura to communication, especially the online media. Consequently, I have found so much fancy in YouTube and social websites including Facebook and Twitter. Over the years, I have spent long hours in the internet specifically engaging in the above communication media. I am an avid seeker of information concerning a lot of things I come along every day. For relevant information on any of my concerns, I have always used YouTube to quench my need for further understanding.

YouTube has tutorials on almost anything, information in all disciplines, personal examples and illustrations in different fields. Personally, I have used YouTube as a source of further information about what I study in school. More so, in the pursuit of my hobby, dancing, YouTube tutorials have been a good source of guidance. In addition, I have used YouTube to learn foreign languages for the purpose of inter-country travelling too. Other than YouTube, I engage a lot in other online social communication media. Specifically, Facebook and Twitter are my best. With such kind of communication channels, I am able to receive information really first. I have Facebook friends and Twitter followers from across the globe. Thus, I have first hand information on almost what is happening across the world pretty first.

Like most parents, my parents have not always been positive about my excessive indulgence in YouTube and other online social media. Their major concern is my exposure to negatively impacting information such as violence, pornographic content, and drugs. However, now that I have survived quite a lengthy period without showing any negative effects of accessing much online information, they do not worry much. More so, with respect to all that I have learned and implemented in my life through the effective use of communication and relevant media, I decided to make it my study major.

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