A Detailed Convention Management Report Sample (Amsterdam RAI)

For many years, the art of arranging flowers has been a popular activity worldwide; an art that calls for the incorporation of great skills to master the perfect balance of arrangement designs. In light of the above, came this idea to hold a flower arrangement event. Essentially, the purpose of this project is to create awareness of the importance of goal oriented flower arrangement designs. The main aim is to study the different ways and designs of floral arrangements present across all Europe. The project will strive to increase the diversification of flower arrangement techniques to individuals of different European countries, try to see how different floral arrangements can work together to create different meanings, and to come up with new designs all together suitable with the present trends in the hospitality industry across the globe.

The event involves a congress with 295 delegates from 20 countries across Europe. The congress will take place in a country suitable for the delegates’ comfort. It will be a four-day event. During the congress, different delegates will display the different flower arrangement techniques and designs dominant in their respective countries. There will be experts who will illustrate on the importance and relevance of this art in the hospitality industry. They will teach on the different decoration criteria, material, and tools necessary to achieve the best floral arrangements (Begonia, 2003, p. 18). To sum up the event, there will be an inter-country flower arranging competition, where the same participating delegates will choose the winner.

Congress Destination

In the history of Europe, numerous conventions occur year after year on different themes. However, none of them relates to the issue of flower management. In this case, this means that this will be the first time such a convention will happen. Therefore, even the delegates will have it as a first time experience. It is with this respect that Holland stands out as the hoist country for this congress. Holland and flowers link so closely, as history shows. This is an open fact that reveals itself in the typical landscape in most parts of this country. In the entire Europe, Holland leads in flower production and exports. Records show that many tourists visit Holland courtesy of seeing the flowers too. The combination of this facts support the choice of Holland as the destination of the congress. It will be very appropriate to hold an event on flower arrangements in such a country characterized by extensive flower farming. As this will be the first time for the delegates to participate in flower arrangement congress, holding this event in Holland will create a memorable impact for them. The fact that they will hold a flower-arranging event in a country that leads in flower production will also be a good incentive to motivate their participation.


The success of any congress or other kind of conventional meeting greatly depends on the satisfaction of the delegates, especially as far as accommodation is concerned. The case is no different for this flower arranging congress. This is the first time for the delegates to participate in such an event so it very important for them to have a good impression from the beginning. This will boost their morale and keep their spirits high all through. The critical consideration issue is the large number of the delegates. There are 300 invited delegates with approximately 50 of them expected to come with their partners. In this case, Amsterdam RAI qualifies as the best facility to accommodate the delegate. In this facility, there are enough guestrooms to cover for the accommodation of all guests. The guestrooms are flexible; there are one-bed rooms, two-bed rooms, master-bed rooms, as well as numerous group arrangements. This flexibility also makes the Amsterdam RAI a suitable facility to accommodate the delegates. Other than boarding facilities, this venue is also suitable because it serves as the congress location as well. There are conference facilities in the Amsterdam RAI capable of facilitating the congress. There are big halls with seating capacities in excess of three hundred. This ability of doubling as the accommodation facility and the congress venue makes the Amsterdam RAI an optimal accommodation place.


Another important factor put into consideration when arranging for conventional meetings involving delegates from different countries is transport. As a matter fact, most of the delegates will be visiting Holland for the first time. Even some of the delegates from Holland will come away from Amsterdam and thus they will require special attention with transport. In the light of this, all the delegates and will be advised to use Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. There will be free transport for them from that airport to the congress location. For all those who will use other means or points to get to Amsterdam, the invitation documents for the delegates will include a side map to help then get to the Amsterdam RAI with ease.

VIP Treatment

The list of delegates includes some VIP attendance too. To be specific, of the 300 invited guests, five will be experts in the flower management art. They will be in charge of facilitating the lectures and talks about the every aspect of this art, which will feature all through the congress. As a way of differentiating this VIP guests from the other delegates, their stay for the event will have a one-day extension. During this extra day, they will have the honor of visiting the leading flower market sites in Amsterdam and an appreciation luncheon together with the congress organizers; all that provided free.

Appropriate Congress Location

In defining the success of a convention meeting, the effectiveness and efficiency of the location in which it is hosted counts. For the flower arrangement congress, this is no different. There are a number of things to consider; the biggest seating capacity available, the number of breakout rooms available and in this case, the fact that delegates are from various countries. In the light of these issues, the Amsterdam RAI qualifies as an appropriate location to host the congress (Bedford & Sellars, 2007, p. 110). The facilities provided there are in line with what the congress would require. Specifically, this facility has 64 conference rooms able to house meetings of less than a hundred people. For the breakout rooms required to facilitate the congress, this would be no problem. The congress would need a single room with a seating capacity exceeding 300 at a go. In the Amsterdam RAI, there are 11 halls capable of hosting this kind of a meeting. The level of flexibility in the Amsterdam RAI is visible in the multi-functionality of their rooms to meet the needs of all (Amsterdam RAI, 2013). Also open for use, is the RAI theatre with a capacity of 1750 people.

All this halls and conference rooms are modern. They are fitted with modern technology public address equipments. They have comfortable seats too. The Amsterdam RAI conference facilities are also famous for their translator devices. The Amsterdam RAI is a globally accredited conference location. Its long-term indulgence in hosting many international events all makes it a perfect location to host the flower arrangement event, since it will involve delegates from different countries. Additionally, the fact that Amsterdam RAI is in Holland also makes it qualify to host an event involving the participation of delegates from many countries. This is because of the political neutrality of Holland. As a result, Amsterdam’s culture is diverse and any European visitor feels at home. There are many tourists, especially during spring, and this too works in advantage of the delegates from all other European countries.

The plan of the flower arrangement congress includes a flower arrangement competition. This calls for big spaces and stages too. The Amsterdam RAI is suitable for such arrangements. There are big exhibition and showrooms which if need arises, can be extended to cover bigger spaces. This would be ideal to stage the flower arrangement competition on the last day of the congress.

Gala Dinner

To mark the end of the flower arrangement event, there will be a gala dinner. This will take place on the last night of the congress. The major consideration is the number of the guests who will grace the gala dinner. All the delegates, VIPs included, together with their partners will attend. This means that the gala dinner location will have to be big enough to seat more than 350 people. During the gala dinner, there will be speeches from the congress organizers and there will be awards presented to the winning countries in the flower arrangement competition. In the Amsterdam RAI, there are a number of restaurants will are big enough to comfortably host such an event, for example the Holland Restaurant with a normal seating capacity of 320 people though expandable.

Partners’ Activities

As expected, about 50 of the delegates will attend the flower arrangement congress accompanied by their partners. This means that it will be essential to incorporate a partner’s program composed of activities to keep the partners busy while the delegates participate in the congress. With respect to the location of this event, one major activity suitable to serve this purpose is visiting museums and monuments. Amsterdam’s spectrum of cultural and recreational sights is very wide and detailed (Harmans & Bolland, 2005). There are fascinating old buildings and lovely oddities that include the museums such as the Hash Marihuana, among other delightful sights (Amsterdam Guide, 2013). The transportation to these places will be free, but individual will have to pay for any extra expenses. It is possible that not all of the partners will be willing to tour those places and those who will, will not take the whole day. In the light of this, there will be another activity for the partners inside the Amsterdam RAI. The partners will be from different countries, just like their accompanying delegates. Therefore, to create a channel for social interaction between them, they will be involved in creating floral designs at form their own wits in preparation for the gala dinner. This activity will double as a means of bringing them together and cutting the gala dinner preparation costs, in a fun oriented manner.

Possible Risks and Solutions

Holding events comes along with a variety of risks with respect to the kind of event and the location for that event. This will be no different for this flower-arranging event in Holland. As a technique of maximizing the success, it is good to analyze and evaluate any possible risks. One of the risks might be the incurrence of extra costs due to ghost partners. Ghost partners refer to people who impersonate others with a motive to gain something. During the partners’ activities, some non-partners may join in pretence of being partners. This would result to extra expenses in transport, accommodation, and meals. To overcome this, it is advisable to issue all delegates and partners with identification tags upon their arrival.

Another possible risk is that of getting lost. This applies to arriving delegates in the first day all the way to the partners in the site seeing partner’s program. Getting lost in a new city is a common feature among foreign travelers and the results are at most times devastating. To overcome this obstacle, the event will facilitate the issuance of detailed maps of Amsterdam city to all invited delegates even before they arrive. There will be provision of security and guide services to those who will participate in the partners’ program in Amsterdam city.

Draft Budget

Figure 1


Flowers are an important aspect in the world. The art of arranging flowers is equally important. As applied in the hospitality industry, as well as socially, different flower arrangements send different messages and different impressions of people individually or as an organization (Tulsyan, 2010, p. 8). With Holland being a famous country associated with flower production, it perfectly fits to host a flower-arranging event. The Amsterdam RAI, a conference centre in the heart of Amsterdam also qualifies as the specific location of the event due to its easy accessibility and it ability to cater for accommodation and conference facilities all within itself. Such a combination provides a guarantee for the success of the flower arrangement event.


Figure 2

Map of The Amsterdam RAI and its Environs
Figure 3

One of the Conference Halls in Amsterdam RAI

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