The Impact of Parents’ Background on their Children’s Education

The scope of this dissertation, “The Impact of Parents’ Background on their Children’s Education,” hypothesized along the notion that parents have often become convinced to believe educators know and offer the best to their children, to a level of forgetting they are first-contact experts. In this regard, the author demonstrated that parents retain the most influential role yet are accorded significant attention in the education and social development of their children. The dissertation captures the aspect of this topic in the emphasis of encouraging proper parental education to streamline public education for the benefit of the development of their children’s education. The article underscores the influence of the teacher as dependent on what the child brings first to the learning environment. For this reason, the brain of a child resembles a sponge that gathers and learn from the patent to gain momentum utilized to develop their behavior in the rest of their social development. Consequently, it captures the essence of incorporating the interest of the parents to excite the learning process on a continuity basis. It enables the child live and understand one’s life from the immediate relation with the parent. This “The Impact of Parents’ Background on their Children’s Education” article construes to this topic in asserting that parents exact a strong influence in the social learning process of their children, whose literacy dependent upon the education received by the former.


  • Gratz, J. (2006, November 14). The Impact of Parents’ Background on their Children’s Education. Saving Our Nation, Saving Our Schools: Public Education for Public Good.
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